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If I Knew Then What I Know Now
12 Oct

Life leaves a vapor trail. It is easy to see where we have been and where we should have zigged when we zagged. Luckily, I eventually came full circle and landed where I wanted to be anyway. I just lost a lot of valuable time in the process. Instead of immediately getting down to the serious business of being an adult with obligations, I wish I had spent some time wallowing around in the world, gathering experiences, discovering my passions…..

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What Inspired Me to Write
27 Sep

WHY I BECAME A WRITER For a little girl not allowed to play with others, words became my friends and writing stories and illustrating them became my entertainment. I read whatever I could find in my little West Virginia coal mining town with no library, but mostly I sat at the back table of my aunt’s drugstore and wrote and drew.  So, it is no wonder that I have always wanted to write, I just never did. Things got in…..

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